This offer will end on October 31, 2022

(You will still have a chance to review the details before you migrate)

Attention Mercenaries!

We are pleased to announce that CFEU and CFNA will now be operating as one — CrossFire West. Over the past year, many of you have expressed your support and desire for this idea. We appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm, and we are finally ready! We pledge our continued commitment to supporting the Europe community and delivering the expected benefits from this merger:

Europe United

Europe United

As several of you European mercenaries still play on CFNA from a long time ago, we are bringing the Europe community together in a single place to play and have fun.

Bigger Community

Bigger Community

With the new CrossFire West, you will have a larger diverse community from more than 30 different countries and more than 20 different languages.

Up to date Website

Up-to-date Website

With the limitations of the current website removed, now you can enjoy several new features like enhanced profile page, advanced web shop, and much more.

Exciting Systems

As soon as your account is migrated you will be able to enjoy all the available systems on Z8Games website like Ribbons, Collections, and Event Points.

Exciting Systems

Earn Ribbons by completing exclusive events and win even more rewards.

Complete Weapon Collections and receive exclusive items for your arsenal.

Earn Event Points during special events and claim amazing prizes in the Web Shop.

More Competitive than Ever

Enjoy a diverse competitive scene with weekly tournaments for users from all ranks and levels. Watch pro teams compete in CFCL Elite and try out your luck in CFCL Open, Ghost, or Escape

Lose None, Gain a Ton
More Competitive Than Ever

Lose None, Gain a Ton

You will have all your account progress, information, and items transferred automatically. Once the process is over simply download CF client from Z8Games website and hop on to start your new journey.

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